The Sand Noise Device (SND) is an interactive art installation. It was developed with the goal of creating an intuitive and tactile method for controlling and interacting with a generative electronic music system. This goal was realized in the form of an augmented reality musical sandbox.

Various virtual objects are projected onto the sand. These virtual objects react to the shape of the sand and the location of several lighted tangible objects. Each one of these virtual objects creates sound as it moves around and interacts with other objects. These sounds combine together to form a complex generative musical soundscape. As users move the tangible objects around and play in the sand they are changing the way in which the music around them is being generated.

The virtual objects behave as if they have a physical presence in the sand. They have mass and obey the laws of gravity. They will slow down when climbing uphill, speed up when flowing downhill, get stuck in pits, and collide with the tangible objects. Users can even push the virtual objects around the sand with their hands.


SND At the Engadget Expand Festival in New York

Make Magazine Story about the SND

SND at the Bay Area Maker Faire




For more information please email us at sand.noise.device@gmail.com.

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